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23rd September - 5th October



Artists 4 Ukraine charity presents the works of three Ukrainian artists in an exhibition on Harpa‘s ground floor from September 23rd to October 5th.

Admission is free and everyone welcome!

Olga Zherebetska, Anna Senik and Yevgen Samborsky are three Ukrainian artists that, like the three points of the trizub / trident, represent three forms of current Ukrainian culture and art. Anna Senik as an ethno-photographer, Olga Zherebetska as a fashion designer and Yevgen Samborsky as a painter. All exemplify a Ukrainian spirit of creativity and artistic freedom.

The national symbol of Ukraine is the three pronged spear of Poseidon and has been used for centuries to symbolise various dynasties. In modern times it takes up even more poignant meaning as a symbol which incorporates the word Volya which in Ukrainian means Freedom.

The three artists presented here symbolise the artistic and creative freedom which is so devastatingly under siege by an aggressor we wish not to honour by name.

As well as the artworks being presented in the exhibition, fashion designer and filmmaker Olga Zherebetska will be present and displaying her beautiful handcrafted fabrics and clothing at Rammagerðin design shop in the main floor of Harpa.

For further information on the artists and their works, please see their websites:
Olga Zherebetska
Anna Senik
Yevgen Samborsky



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