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Monday 3rd October - 18:30



Valentyn Silvestrov is a Ukrainian composer, a prominent figure in contemporary classical music. The pieces of Silvestrov sound in movies (of François Ozon and Kira Muratova in particular). They are an integral part of the repertoire of the world's lead orchestras. Silvestrov even was twice nominated for Grammy. The film is an observation, a confession, and, most of all, a story of great talent set against the backdrop of an uncertain time. The film is directed by Serhiy Bukovski and produced by MaGiKa Film.

Director’s statement
The year is 1990. The Berlin wall has already fallen, the Soviet Union is about to collapse, the map of Europe is changing rapidly. This same year Valentyn Silvestrov visits the Lockenhaus Festival (Germany) as a composer in residence. The world discovers his “quiet music”. Soon, it’s going to sound in big concert halls and movies (of François Ozon and Kira Muratova in particular) and even be twice nominated for Grammy. The pieces of Silvestrov are an integral part of Gidon Kremer’s performances as well as the repertoire of the orchestra conducted by Roman Kofman. It makes them extremely popular with musicians and classical music fans.

The world has heard and understood Silvestrov’s music language, but as a person and composer, he was formed in the environment which still remains a sort of enigma for the global audience. The growing interest in the New East countries produces a lot of stereotypes, creating rather imaginable than real vision. The film about Silvestrov is, among others, an opportunity to dive into his world, to see society through the eyes of insider and genius.

When I face the chance to make a movie about a person, the opportunity to focus on biography seduces me. The most exciting part is to observe and talk - not about ordinary things but something big and eternal. Valentyn Silvestrov is a man of sound, thought and memory. We talk about the miracle of the birth of music.

Director’s bio
Serhiy Bukovsky is the Honored Artist of Ukraine and winner of the Shevchenko State Award. He has worked at the Ukrainian studio of documentary film for more than a decade. During his 30-year film career Bukovsky has directed about 40 documentaries. His works have been screened and awarded at numerous international film festivals: DOKLeipzig, Oberhgauzen IFF, Krakow IFF, Vision du Real, IDFA, Margaret Maid IFF, Molodist IFF. His films also received Ukrainian TV Prize “Teletriumph” and Ukrainian Film Academy prize “Zolota Dzyga”. In 2014 he founded the documentary film program for aspiring filmmakers.


Artists4Ukraine started in the first days after the Invasion of Ukraine. Swedish born Artist Julia Mai Linnéa Maria asked if it could be possible to start an art auction to raise funds for Ukraine and American born Icelandic-Ukrainian artist Alexander Zaklynsky jumped to the chance to help. In the days since we organised Artists4Ukraine which is an artist run fundraising initiative. As artists we watched the nightmare developing and felt helpless. What could we do to help as artists with no money or capacity in a far off land to make any difference directly. We decided the best thing in the short run was to raise money for charities through art and engage the public, showing solidarity and initiative to shed light on the ways people could help.

Documentary Screening - 03/10/2022 - Monday - October 3rd
Film Screening & Exhibition opening @ HARPA
Film: V. Silvestrov - Director: Serhiy Bukovski
Produced by MaGiKa Film

Fundraiser Event with Documentary Screening, Music Performances and Art Show in Honour to Composer Valentyn Vasylyovych Silvestrov for his 85th Birthday which is September 30th , 2022. Ticket sales and donations will go to charities working in and for Ukraine. The charities to be supported will be DocuHelp and Ukraine Classics.

The documentary “Silvestrov,” dedicated to this brilliant Ukrainian composer, is far from a traditional biopic about a prominent person. It is an observation, a confession and, most of all, a story of great talent set against the backdrop of uncertain times.

Of course, film authors pay tribute to the composer’s creative techniques: avantgarde of the 1960s, forced into underground at the times of socialist realism, postmodernism (his main obsession during the 1970s), metaphorical music and contemporary pieces that charm audiences around the world. But it is also a personal story of a genius mind with its oddity, curiosity and emotional depth.

Program for the Evening:
18:30 - 19:00 : Works by V, Silvestrov, Alexandre Sapolski and Hanna Havrylets performed by Vera Panitch and Kateryna Mysechko.
19:00 - 19:20 : Short intermission
19:20 - 21:00 : First two Chapters Of V, Silvestrov Screened
21:00 - 21:15 : Short Intermission
21:15 - 22:00 : Final and Third Chapter of V, Silvestrov Screened

Art by Ukrainian Artists Olga Zherebetska, Yevgen Samborsky and Anna Senik will be on view on the Main Floor of Harpa and Artist, Fashion Designer and Filmmaker Olga Zherebetska will be present and Displaying her beautiful handcrafted Fabrics and Clothing at Rammagerðin in the main hall of Harpa. More info on the artists and their works at



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8.000 kr.


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