Daniel How­ell: We´re all Doomed!

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5.990 - 17.990 kr

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Sunday 5th March - 20:00



Daniel Howell is back, as stressed and depressingly dressed as ever, with his epic new solo comedy stage show “We’re All Doomed!”.

Daniel Howell is one of the world’s most successful, stressed and depressed entertainers. Known for his savagely self-deprecating and sarcastic humour, Dan fairly skewers everything that’s wrong with the world as much as he does himself. From bestselling books, an award-winning show on BBC Radio 1, and billions of views on his celebrated online content - to sellout world tours performing high-concept comedy to over 500,000 people in 18 countries, Dan’s dedicated audience relate to his outlook on life and follow anywhere he goes.

When there’s so many apocalyptic scenarios threatening to destroy us, it might be tempting to give into the gloom - but with enough sarcasm, satire, and a desire to skewer everything that’s wrong with society: Dan is determined to find some hope for humanity ..or at least laugh like it’s the end of the world (because it probably is).

Meet and Greet:   17.990 isk
Prime:                   11.990 isk
Price 1:                   9.990 isk
Price 2:                   8.990 isk
Price 3:                   7.990 isk
Price 4:                   5.990 isk

See a photo of the room here

Meet and Greet Information:
Each show has a limited allocation of Meet and Greet tickets. A Meet and Greet ticket gives you one of the best seats in the house for the show, access to a meet-up and photo with Dan, some exclusive Doomed! Merchandise plus early access to the main merchandise booth before public entry

Please note: You can only gain access to the meet-up with a Meet and Greet ticket.

The ticket prices are as follows:


9.990 kr.


8.990 kr.


7.990 kr.


5.990 kr.


11.990 kr.

Meet and Greet

17.990 kr.


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