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Reyk­javik Jazz 2022 - Even­ing pass - Au­gust 14th

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7.191 - 7.990 kr

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Sunday 14th August - 19:30



The 2022 edition of Reykjavík Jazz Festival takes place between August 13 – 19. We invite you to a seven day music festival with focus on jazz and improvised music, performed by musicians from America, Europe and Iceland.

Evening pass is available for each night of the festival at Harpa Concert Hall. The pass is valid for all concerts on the night. Tickets are not sold for individual concerts in Harpa.

19:30 - Kaldalón - Ómar Guðjónsson (IS)
20:30 - Flói - Anna Sóley (IS)
21:45 - Flói - Nico Moreaux "Far" Icelandic Nonet (FR/IS)

Ómar Guðjónsson (IS)- Kaldalón kl. 19:30
Ómar Fortíðar - Release concert

Ómar Guðjónsson reinterprets melodies from Iceland’s past on pedal steel guitar. Popular songs from the 1930s, 40s and 50s, in new arrangements by Ómar, Tómas Jónsson and Matthías Hemstock.

Ómar Guðjónsson has made his mark in most areas of popular and improvised music in Iceland. He has also spent the last quarter century exploring the sonic possibilities of the guitar – including the pedal steel. Here, he breathes new life into old gems from Iceland’s vast repertoire of vocal music. In keeping with his jazz roots, Ómar switches things up freely: truncates, elongates, collates, rearranges, does away with the lyrics entirely. Still, these old songs, reinterpreted or not, resonate with Icelanders on a much deeper level than would a similar take on classic jazz standards. Ómar is exploring the songs we grew up with, the songs that reverberate within our hearts. Perhaps most pertinently, the strong lyricism evident here evokes the romanticism of the original compositions.

Ómar Guðjónsson: guitars
Tómas Jónsson: piano and keyboards
Matthías Hemstock: percussion

Anna Sóley (IS) - Flói kl. 20:30
Anna Sóley is a vocalist and a songwriter from Iceland. She combines words and music seeking inspiration from literature and life. Modern jazz, folk, pop, and groove styles mix with impressionistic lyrics, spoken word poetry, and improvisation. Modern Age Ophelia is her debut album and will be out this autumn. Storytelling is a theme throughout the tunes. They explore the line between the past and the present, reality and fiction, and sanity and insanity. Perhaps first and foremost, the album is a dialogue with interesting characters. The compositions open up a space that allows each musician to shine through, adding their unique voice into the mixture.

Anna Sóley Ásmundsdóttir : vocals
Magnús Jóhann Ragnarsson : piano / keyboards
Rögnvaldur Borgþórsson : guitar
Birgir Steinn Theodórsson : double bass
Bergur Einar Dagbjartsson : drums
Sölvi Kolbeinsson : alto saxophone

Nico Moreaux "Far" Icelandic Nonet (FR/IS)    - Flói kl. 21:45
Nicolas Moreaux is a french bass player living in Iceland. At the Reykjavík Jazz Festival in 2022 he will present a set of original music, recently composed by Nicolas himself and arranged by Phillipe Maniez, who has, amongst others, worked with the Kurt Rosenwinkel Big band and the Dedication big band.

The concert will feature Moreaux’s Icelandic nonet, with whom he plays regularly in Iceland and abroad. The music alternates between being contemplative and energetic and is mostly inspired by Moreaux’s own life, spirituality and nature.

Nico Moreaux : kontrabassi
Andrés Þór Gunnlaugsson : gítar
Sigurður Flosason : altó saxófónn
Óskar Guðjónsson : tenór saxófónn
Jóel Pálsson : tenór saxófónn
Eyþór Gunnarsson : píanó
Ari Bragi Kárason : trompet
Scott Mclemore : trommur
Matthías Hemstock : slagverk

The ticket prices are as follows:


7.990 kr.