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Reyk­javik Arts Fest­ival: Every Body Elec­tric

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4.500 kr

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Sunday 19th June - 17:00



This highly charged dance piece by multi-award winning choreographer Doris Uhlich challenges our conventional ideas of the body‘s limitations and the energy that lives within us all. Combining explosive power with the gently poetic, a group of dancers with physical disabilities take the audience on a rhythmic and unpredictable journey into the essence of the human. Even the smallest movement can unleash an incredible amount of energy.

Every single body possesses its own unique, organic power, but in this piece the group also investigate the possibilities that come into play when the machine – be it an electric wheelchair, prosthetic limbs or a pair of crutches – become an extension of the body.

Doris Uhlich has created a large number of dance pieces. In recent years, she has collaborated with artists with physical disabilities and sought new ways to examine the movements and rhythms of the body.

The performance will be followed by an artist talk.

Dramaturgy: Elisabeth Schack
Josefine Mühle
Adil Embaby
Karin Ofenbeck
Thomas Richter
Vera Rosner-Nógel
Katharina Zabransky

Light, Space: Gerald Pappenberger
DJ: Boris Kopeinig
Costume: Zarah Brandl
Press & Communication: Jonathan Hörnig
Margot Wehinger
Theresa Rauter
International Distribution: Something Great
Feedback: Yoshie Maruoka, Theresa Rauter
Thanks to: Omar Gomez Hernandez and all assistants of the performers
Co-produced by:
Tanzquartier Wien, Schauspiel Leipzig & insert (Theaterverein) is subsidised by the cultural department of Vienna and the Federal Chancellery of Austria.

The ticket prices are as follows:


4.500 kr.


Silfurberg is a large conference hall on the second floor, with theatre style seating for an audience of up to 840.