Harpa Res­id­ents

Iceland Symphony Orchestra

The Iceland Symphony Orchestra (ISO) has been a leading force in Iceland’s music scene for over 70 years. The orchestra gives around 100 concerts each season, including subscription performances with internationally renowned classical musicians, but also frequently collaborates with artists from other genres. The Iceland Symphony is the resident orchestra in Reykjavík’s award-winning Harpa Concert Hall.

The Icelandic Opera

The Icelandic Opera has acquired an important place in the nation’s cultural life and received numerous awards and recognition for its outstanding operatic productions. It regularly stages high-quality and varied operas, both from the traditional repertoire and new.

The Reykjavik Big Band

The Reykjavik Big Band has always endeavoured to seek varied projects. In addition to new music, both domestic and foreign, the band has performed historical programmes connected to individual composers and bands.

Maximus Musicus

Maximus Musikus is without doubt the most famous musical mouse in Iceland. The books about him have enjoyed tremendous popularity with Icelandic children and are now becoming available around the world.