12th April 2022

Cam­era­Park in Harpa´s Car Park

licence plate recognition

Harpa's car park is open 24 hours a day and for the convenience of guests, a so-called CameraPark has been introduced, which is simple and convenient to use.

With CameraPark a camera reads the licence plate when driving in the car park and registers the car in the parking space, and exiting, the camera reads the car number again and registers from the parking space. All you have to do is use the EasyPark app and activate CameraPark in the app for the first time to connect to a credit card. This only needs to be done once and after that the process has become fully automatic. You do not have to open the app the next time you park, so you can drive carefree in and out of the garage and CameraPark takes care of the rest.

Here you can see further information about Harpa's car park, EasyPark and other payment methods.


5th July 2022

Charging points for electric cars

in Harpa´s Car Park

17th June 2022

Happy National Day

to all Icelanders

13th June 2022

The Friends of the Arts Society in Reykjavik

and Harpa sign a partnership agreement for the next three years