5th July 2022

Char­ging points for elec­tric cars

in Harpa´s Car Park

It is a great pleasure to present 13 new charging points from ON in Harpa's Car Park on the second level (K2). The charging points are open to everyone and to access the them, you need to order an ON key and download the ON app. Further information about the key and the ON app.

The parking spaces are only charging points for electric cars and therefore no longer public parking. The installation is one of many measures that have been put in place to support Harpa's green policy. Harpa hopes that this step of progress will be useful to our guests.

Harpa's car park is open 24 hours a day and for the convenience of guests, a so-called CameraPark has been introduced, which is simple and convenient to use. Learn more about CameraPark.