11th July 2022

Harpa com­pletes the 5th Green Step

and is recognized by the Environment Agency of Iceland

Harpa has completed the 5th and final step in the Green Steps Program and received recognition from the the Environment Agency of Iceland on Monday 4 July 2022.

The Green Steps Program is for government institutions that want to reduce the negative environmental impact of their operations and strengthen employees' environmental awareness. Each step contains between 20-40 actions that Harpa has had to implement in its operations to be able to complete each step.

Actions that Harpa has implemented to achieve step 5 include:

  • Climate action plan for the years 2022 - 2024 where i.a. The aim is for the recycling rate to reach 75% by 2024 and for almost a third of employees to have a transport contract, which means that employees travel to and from work in an environmentally friendly way by walking, cycling or using public transport.
  • This winter, 13 charging stations were installed in Harpa's Car Park in the lower basement, which are open to everyone with an ON charging key.
  • To counteract paper waste, paper towels have been replaced by hand driers in the public toilets in the building.

Harpa has also received the Nordic Ecolabel for it´s conference department and e.g. provides a special event report for larger events with information on the environmental, economic and social impact of the event.